Download and Play Java Mobile Games on Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola

Download Java Mobile Games

The game is free to download for devices that support java J2ME/MIDP. Java games are always on and always with you, and can reach a more massive audience than any other gaming platform in history.   The java mobile games are so real, it is sure to improve your playing skills. It has all the angles shots of the real …

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YouTube Video Downloader for Java Mobile Phone

Video Downloader for Java Mobile

Java video downloader allows you to watch and download high definition (HD) videos and high quality (HQ) videos from 1000s of videos sharing websites easy, reliable and fast. Download and save your favorite videos online and watch them offline. Watch and download millions of YouTube videos with one click from your Java mobile phone. This Java application puts your favorite …

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Download and Play Mario Game on Java Mobile Phone Device

Mario Game for Java Mobile

Download and play the most famous and iconic Mario video game on your java mobile phone (keypad or touchscreen). Mario is also well known for being a challenging game. The Mario games follow Mario’s adventures, typically in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom with Mario as the player character. In super Mario bros, you control Mario in his quest to rescue Princess. …

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Download and Use UC Web Browser App on Java Mobile Phone Device

UC Browser for Java Mobile

With more than 100 million mobile phone users have downloaded and successfully used the app worldwide. With strong technical advantages and the platform of UC browser, it cooperates with more and more industry partners to create a win-win and mutually beneficial prospect. WEB, WAP mobile browser, fast and stable, with video playback, website navigation, search, download, personal data management and …

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Download and Use WhatsApp App on Java Mobile Phone Device

WhatsApp for Java Mobile

WhatsApp Messenger is the most famous app today. With 1.5 billion users uses WhatsApp for instant chat, voice calls and video calls.  WhatsApp messenger is available for all operating system including old Java Jar, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC and Mac. Keep in touch with groups of people who have importance, such as friends, relative or business partner. By group …

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Download and Play Temple Run Adventure Game on Java Mobile Phone

Temple Run Game for Java Mobile

Temple Run is an endless running video game where we have to guide our hero to run, jump, slide and find your way through all the obstacles. Temple Run’s control is simple and logical. When you start playing, the game also explains how the controller works. Below we will briefly summarize how to keep the monkeys: Throughout the course you …

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Download Maze or Pattern Lock App for Java Mobile Phone

Pattern Lock App Java Mobile

Pattern or Maze lock is widely used on Smartphone devices to protect and prevent sensitive information. It is preferred by many users over text or PIN passwords, as many research show that the human brain easily remembers visual information like pattern better than numbers and text. Maze lock is also used by many online payment platform for authentication process. It …

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Download and Play Mini Carrom Board Game on Your Java Mobile Phone

Carrom Game for Java Mobile

The object of the game is to sink all of your pieces, using the heavier ‘striker’, in any of the pockets before your opponent. Your turn continues as long as you keep sinking your pieces – luck shots count and all combinations are permitted. Mini Carrom Java Game Details: File Name Mini Carrom Java Game File Size 150 KB File …

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Download and Play Spider Man Game on Java Mobile Phone

Spider Man Game for Java Mobile

When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained superhuman powers. He now has the proportionate strength of a spider, as well as the ability to climb walls. His remarkable web shooters give him the ability to fire web bolts at opponents and to swing from the webs that he shoots. His extraordinary spider-sense tingles to warn him …

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